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My design career started way back when I was a young girl. My mother recalls how I was always "fixing" clothing, creating rooms in shoe boxes and always delighting in the "improvements" that I made to existing items . The Result, and item that looked better and/ or function better. Many years later, I haven't stopped! By nature I am a very practical person and my designs are always sensitive to function. I dabble in both residential and commercial markets. I have staged many model apartments for multi-family residential high rise buildings, leasing office, fitness centers, community centers and boutique style hotels. I have a very hands-on approach to decorating. I don't always get rid of your old "stuff" . I work with every client to  incorporate existing items especially if they are awesome pieces, have sentimental value or simply a budget issue. My favorite part of  the job is watching the transformation of a space or item (check out the before and after page)   That is why I do what I do.


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